SAIEA Projects
•Framework Management Plan for the proposed Gondwanaland Geopark
Case Study Book
The proposed Geopark is an initiative of the Geological survey of Namibian and will be proclaimed under the UNESCO Convention of the United Nations. The Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) has been tasked with preparing a management plan for the proposed Geopark. Please click here to view the framework management plan.
•Wildlife and Aircraft Research Namibia Project (WARN)
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The Birds and Aircraft Research Namibia Project started in 2008 as a Doctorate Research project of Morgan Hauptfleisch through NAC, the Centre for Environmental Management of the University of the Free State and the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA). Click here to learn more...
•Oil for Development (OfD) Capacity Building Stipend (CBS)
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Oil for Development (OfD) is an initiative of the Norwegian Government which was initiated in 2005. The operative goal of the programme is "economically, environmentally and socially responsible management of petroleum resources which safeguards the needs of future generations". Click here to learn more...
•Impact Assessment Case Studies From Southern Africa
Case Study Book
Under Contract for Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa (CLEAA) SAIEA has identified and developed SADC-area case studies demonstrating the benefits of EA. The case studies will support SAIEA's "Leadership Program in Sustainable Development Tools for High-Lebel Decision-Makers" and other African EA training conducted by CLEAA and other entitites. Click here to read learn more...
• Cleaner Production
The Cleaner Production Component of the Ministry of Environment & Tourism in Namibia has contracted SAIEA to conduct a two week training course on Cleaner Production methodologies and practices. The course will be conducted from 3-12 April 2006. The course fee is N$ 5,500 per participant. Click here to read learn more...
The main aim of the CBBIA project is to improve the integration of biodiversity conservation within impact assessment and decision making processes. Through this, the ultimate objective is to achieve sustainable development. Read more
• Capacity-Building
In order to strengthen capacity within the region, SAIEA provides a range of training and skills-development programmes relating to EIA and sustainable development. Training is targeted at government officials, developers, non-government organisations, the private sector and EIA practitioners. Current activities include the development of training materials, presenting short training courses and hosting the Professional Development Programme, which provides participants with hands-on experience in conducting an EIA under field conditions. Read more
• Calabash
In cooperation with CIDA and supported by World Bank TF-ESSD funds SAIEA has launched the Calabash Project in 2003. The project is one step of many to assist the SADC region to move forward on democratic reform by using EIA as a catalyst for participatory decision-making by providing appropriate tools knowledge and networks to regulators, civil society, practitioners and industry of the SADC region. Read more
• Environmental Impact Assessment in Southern Africa - the Book
In 2003 SAIEA in cooperation with DANNIDA has compiled a comprehensive - though by now slightly outdated - overview of the State of Environmental Assessment in the SADC region. Its contents deal with policy practice and institutional issues. It also contains a list of useful references and contact numbers. Read more
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