Why use SAIEA?
Because SAIEA is an independent organisation, it is not influenced by governments, developers, pressure groups or anyone else who may want to promote a specific agenda. SAIEA has access to a large number of professionals from within the region, who provide expertise in a wide range of fields and disciplines. SAIEA puts together the right team for the job, and ensures the highest professional standards. 8 reasons for using SAIEA's independent review service:
It improves the EA process and report, since consultants do a better job when
they know that their work will be peer reviewed
Governments and local authorities need not increase the size (and cost) of their
own in-house team of experts
It is flexible and cost-effective, since only the experts needed for the job are
hired, and then only for the time they are needed
It is independent, which reduces opportunities for corruption and influence
Local expertise is used, rather than foreign consultants who are often
unfamiliar with local conditions
Local capacity is improved, since reviewers increase their knowledge and
expertise, which enhances the service they provide to future clients
SAIEA's services are tailor-made to suit your specific needs
SAIEA sets high professional standards and applies rigorous quality control
In addition to reviewing EA reports, SAIEA undertakes research aimed at improving the use and effectiveness of EA in promoting sustainable development. Current areas of interest include:
EA and small-scale mining
EA and sustainable tourism
The role of EA in promoting public participation in development planning
Transboundary impacts and regional development
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